Interior Design

Interior Design

Colour consulting

L.P StratiCo Design offers their clients a convenient and professional colour consulting service which has proven itself to relieve our clients from the chaotic selection of colours that come with a new project.

Our inhouse colour consultants have an extensive reputation to be able to configure colour selections to collaborate each project or home whilst continuing to reflect their individual style or branding.

This service benefits our clients for the following reasons;

  • Clients are simply time poor
  • They have a vision in mind although are unable to shape their idea into a final design
  • Clients have no idea were to even begin!
  • They are overwhelmed with too many choices

What most clients have in common is that they are too pre-occupied with everyday life so therefore they value advice from a professional and appreciate the guidance. Our consultants have a collective approach, where we translate and develop our clients decorating ideas, rather than inflicting our own .

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our clients home or office is most importantly a reflection of them.

Interior Design

Interior design plays a significant role in adding a personal touch to create character to your home or work space.

We believe at L.P StratiCo Design & Build that having a vision in what particular design or style you have should tell a story from the beginning and reflect who you are as a business or person before even beginning the planning or construction phase. This ensures that every client is content and completely satisfied with the end result

L.P StratiCo Design & Build have a very hand on approach and believe every client and project should be treated independently, no one client or project is the same so we ensure we alter and cater to every client’s needs and wants individually.

If you are redecorating your current home, constructing from the start or simply seeking ideas to revamp a small space or office we are ready to assist you to create your dream environment.

Our interior design service caters to all clients and budgets. Whether you are simply seeking a concept design or would prefer a more detailed schedule to allow you to source all materials, furnishings and finishes yourself our designers and colour consultants are available to assist and we looking forward to hearing from you.

Please contact and attention your email to; “Design Team” or alternatively contact Lina Strati on 0404 835 607.